You may choose to assign your own SSL certificate for your installation of Project Insight as opposed to registering a certificate with a third-party. Your Web browser may subsequently warn that the certificate in use is not trusted whenever you visit the site. In addition, this will block the Project Insight Office and Outlook Connectors from connecting. In order to accept the SSL as a trusted certificate, you will need to perform the following steps which have been written using Internet Explorer 7.

1. Go to the https site for your Project Insight installation.
2. Click “Continue to this website (not recommended)” - You have issued your own SSL certificate so it is safe
3. Login to Project Insight and let the site load.
4. Click “Certificate Error” at the top of the browser (to the right of the URL box highlighted in pink)
5. Click “View certificates” at the bottom of the popup message.
6. Click the “Install Certificate…” button.
7. Click “Next >”
8. Choose “Place all certificates in the following store” and then click “Browse…”
9. Select “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” and click “OK”
10. Click “Next >”
11. Click “Finish”
12. Click “Yes” to accept the warning and install the certificate
13. Click “OK” to confirm
14. Click “Ok” to dismiss the Certificate dialog
15. Restart Internet Explorer and go to the https address for your Project Insight installation.

You should no longer get the SSL warning.
Online 4/8/2009
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