Tutorial V - Project Close and Delivery


Project manager, business or operational manager, software developer, software tester, member of a PMO, member of a governance panel, quality assurance team member, or anyone in the IT department


Prior to reaching a successful conclusion, the functionality that was designed, developed, and tested by the project team must receive the proper authorization before being handed over to the user community in a production environment – this can be accomplished through leveraging the following QAIassist-IM deliverables - Requirements Traceability Log, Unit Test Authorization, System Integration Test (SIT) Authorization, User Acceptance Test (UAT) Authorization, Project Closeout. The purpose and utility for each of these deliverables will be discussed during this tutorial.


  • Learn the factors associated with completing and finalizing a project
  • Comprehend the significance of keeping and maintaining project deliverables
  • Understand why reporting how a project evolved (pros and cons) can be beneficial to future projects and project teams

Online 10/19/2016
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