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Executives, managers, project managers, project leaders, business leaders, IT leaders, team members


Understand the five dysfunctions of a team and the root causes of politics and dysfunction on the teams where you work, and the keys to overcoming them.

Making a team functional and cohesive requires levels of courage and discipline that many groups cannot seem to muster. Teams willing to address the five dysfunctions can become a high performing, cohesive team and experience the following:


  • Comfortable asking for help, admitting mistakes and limitations
  • Take risks offering feedback
  • Tap into one another's skills and experiences
  • Make higher quality decisions and accomplish more in less time with fewer resources
  • Put critical topics on the table and have lively meetings
  • Align the team around common objectives
  • Retain star employees

Presented by: Brenda Williams, Certified Professional Coach

Online 8/3/2016
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