Upcoming Features and Fixes in Project Insight

If you're the type of person who doesn't like surprises, then you're in luck. Project Insight offers a sneak peek into the latest updates our developers are working on to bring you the best project management software on the market.

Below you'll find a list of our 'on-deck' features and fixes. Each major release with have their own version-specific release notes article. 

Our current release version is

Here's what's next!


Issue status types now have a checkbox for "Show as Sprint Column" which determines whether or not the Issue Status Type will show as a Status Board column in an agile project.

VirtualPM™ For Slack

  • Receive auto-alerts from PI where you work - in Slack!
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Salesforce App

  • Connect your SFDC CRM to PI
  • Just awaiting approval from Salesforce!


When exporting reports to Excel, the chevrons now correctly display.

Time sheet rejected/approved comments now display immediately in Time Sheet details screen and auto-alerts upon save.

Time entry report can now report on all users who are able to enter time instead of just those who have already made at least one time entry.

Exporting a task list to Excel now has correct formatting and sanitation.

When viewing issue details from the Status Board, the layer with details now fits the screen with a scrollbar, if necessary.

Issues with no status type are no filtered out when any filter is applied to issue status types (i.e. if one says show only issues with status of "to-do", Issues with blank statuses will no longer appear.

Saving a sprint on the add/edit screen now validates that the dates make sense.

Language in all Agile features should now say "Sprint" instead of "Iteration" in all instances.

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Online 10/18/2017
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