Using Placeholder Resources on Project Templates

Placeholder resources are a great way to ensure that your project templates and subsequently a project, has all of the assignments laid out even though you do not know who will actually be doing the work yet.  This is important for many reasons:

1. It allows you to take advantage of the bulk swap feature for reassigning tasks from placeholders to real people.
2. The tasks that still need to be assigned are very visible since placeholder resources will show up automatically on the Resource Allocation Report. This makes it very easy to tell if you have enough bandwidth to perform all of the work in your portfolio.
3. You will be able to “price” a project even though you do not know the actual resource assignments. This is true for both cost and revenue. This method also includes pricing through contracts as each placeholder has a corresponding resource type/role that may have its own contract rate.

To use placeholder resources effectively, you will need to:

1. Have the resource type/role by assignment set for this to function properly.  This is in the Administration > Projects > Default Project Options. Also select “Apply to all projects” if you want this setting to be added to all existing projects.

 2. Set up Resource Type/Roles in Administration > Projects > Resource/Type Roles.

3. Set up the placeholder resource user accounts. Placeholder Resources are inactive and have at least a 1:1 ratio with the role (see below if you need > 1 placeholder per resource type/role).  
a. Here you can see that there is a placeholder for most of the resource type/roles.  Not all may need one.  You can also see how they are set up to relate to the resource type/role.

b. Enter placeholder resources like you enter users except use the following conventions in the fields:

First name = zz_{Role}
Last name = zz_User
Resource type/role = role
Email is (use a fake email address since this is not a real user)
Should there need to be more than one resource of the same role on the same task, then addition placeholder resources should be added (e.g. “zz_Programmer 1 zz_User”, “zz_Programmer 2 zz_User”, etc.)

c. System roles for a placeholder resource look like this:

d. The resource info tab should look something like this:

Online 3/2/2015
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