Using the Column Selector


Project request approvers, time and expense sheet approvers, project managers, sponsors and executives


  • Navigate to the display options to select which columns you would like to view
  • Simply double click on the 'available' selections on the left to move over to the 'selected' columns on the right
  • Utilize short cuts to move more than one selection over and how to put them in a preferred order
  • Adjust the pixel width from display options or from the column view


You can change the columns of data which show on most of the forms in Project Insight.

If you have a view of the data which you use often, you can save the view as a Quick Selection. This allows you to change your easily and rapidly without having to manipulate the selected columns one at a time on every form each time you access it.

The view you are seeing here is a task list.

Click the Display Options icon.

There are predefined quick selection views that you can use, including a default view and several others.

Choose a different view from the default, such as the Planning View.

To make your own custom selection, make a change to an existing view.

For example, if you want to display the Actual Hours right after the Work Hours, click on the Start Date to add the new column, just before this one.

Double click on the Actual Hours. The Actual Hours field is inserted just before the Start Date and after the Work Hours.

You will notice that the Quick Selection changed from the Planning View to Custom Selection and there is now an Edit icon available to the right.

Click on it and give it a new name.

Before you save that Quick Selection, you can choose to set it as your default view. If you set it as your default view, this will be the selected columns that are displayed for every new project that you add or the default for every project where you have not changed the Quick Selection from the default.

As an administrator, you have a couple of other options. Regular users who are not administrators only have the My Default View option. As an administrator you can make this a global view so it is available to everyone and you can also make it a global default view.

If you make it a global default view, it will be everyone's default unless of course they choose to make their own default which over-rides any global set default views.

Click Save. It now becomes part of your Quick Selection drop down.

To quickly change the columns you are viewing, select a view from the list.

You can easily change the columns by changing the views.

Online 3/13/2015
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