Using the Microsoft Power Query for Excel Quick Guide

We'll show you a quick guide how to use Microsoft Excel Power Query add-in tool, which is an add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Download the Microsoft Power Query for Excel

Before we dive into the fun part, let's review how to retrieve the Project Insight API Token from the Project Insight Application.

PI Administration (REST API Settings)
Figure 1 - API (REST) settings are located under the Project Insight Administration section.

Enable API Token Access and copying the API Token to be used for REST API requests.

API Settings, access and token options
Figure 2 - Enable the API Token Access to make requests and copy the API Token to be passed into the URL request.
Tip: If you plan on sharing the API Token with other developers, you may not want to frequently update the token.

Swagger your REST API requests!. Click on the button to launch the tool, which includes documentation and definitions of the REST API classes!

Swagger UI!
Figure 3 - Using Swagger UI, we can review the definitions and documentation of the Project Insight REST API's.
Tip: Depending on browsers and your connection speed, it may take a few minutes to load the Swagger UI tool.

Requesting a new AuthorizationToken using Swagger UI tool.

Requesting a new AuthorizationToken using Swagger UI
Figure 4 - Making a new Authorization Token request using Swagger UI.
Tip: You can click on the Model Schema box, which sets the parameter value within the user Credential Parameter box (JSON named/pair value).
Example: In this example, you will need to use a valid Project Insight username/password credentials and the API Token that is set within your Project Insight instance.

Try it out! Returning a new Authorization Token from the response.

Successful Authorization Token response!
Figure 5 - Successful response with a new Authorization Token!
Tip: As a developer, you can use other REST API tools and add-ins, such as Google apps.

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Happy coding!

Online 4/21/2016
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