What People are Saying...

The support from PI is excellent. Whenever I have an issue I just send an email and I get a response back right away.
- Kim Barett, Stillwater Associates
I want to commend the support and training team from PI for the excellent support given to our team. What particularly impressed me is the level of dedication and creative solutions they brought forward, assisting me to meet the corporation's future vision of program management. In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer support excellence has virtually disappeared, the work the support and training team did should be held up as an example for others to emulate. I am personally impressed with their 'can do' attitude.
Natalie Clinton, Avaya
One of the best team collaboration tools I have ever used! This Software is very useful in managing all agency projects and keeping work organized. I wouldn't be able to stay on track without it. I'm glad that I went with Project Insight and will continue with this program as it is truly beneficial.
Alison DeVriendt from Brewer Direct, Inc
Project Insight continues to be the best vendor we've ever worked with. Not only are you guys super responsive, but you always look past the immediate question being asked and anticipate and address how it affects other areas.
Brian Moore, Namaste Solar
You do a great job getting the webinar started, facilitate the webinar process, screen many questions and pick the most relevant questions for the audience, and finally gracefully close the webinar with all the needed details including instructions on how to access the webinar recording & other useful information. Perfect. I can't think of any suggestion for improvement.
Al Rahmani, SAFC
Thanks so much for the excellent customer service.
Betsy Stratton, Health Partners of Philadelphia, Inc.
I will say that we've had very favorable experiences working with Project Insight's staff during and post implementation. We've got a good working relationship.
Michael Cardenas, National Western Life
The biggest success has been our improved ability to manage projects. Having them visible and having them in Project Insight allows team members to do their own updates.
Peter Siciliano, Corpedia
We can't overemphasize the great support we receive from the Project Insight team.
Everyone here really loves Project Insight.
Vini Dy, The Wonderfactory
Project Insight consistently delivers updates to its products and incorporates customer suggestions into those updates.
Chris Cabodi, Rabobank
Before Project Insight, it took me two days to enter my time for the month. Now that I enter time at the task level as the task is completed, it takes me five minutes a day.
Owen Oil Tools
Thank you and all your team at Project Insight for your excellent responsiveness and support.
Craig Perkins, ICU Medical
Initiating a project management application is perhaps the most challenging thing I have ever done. I've been in the marketing/creative field for over 20 years and I have tried and failed with many other products. It's not been without pain, but I'm happy to announce that this is the first time a project management application is actually working and paying big benefits. The difference this time has been the people behind the scenes educating, hand holding and fielding countless phone calls and questions. . . Speaking on behalf of our entire organization, your team is absolutely the best!
Jeff Walker, University of Kentucky Healthcare

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