Project Manager Guide

After completing the PI Integration for Visual Studio Team Services | Getting Started Guide, your project managers will be able to sync their Project Insight projects with a project already created in Visual Studio Team Services.


Which Integration are you using?

Select the Integration you plan to use to sync. Currently, each project in Project Insight can only sync to one integration at a time. Any more would get confusing!

Which Team Services Account?

In this view, you will select the instance of Team Services you plan to use to find the right project. If you only use one instance of Team Services, you will bypass this screen. Hit the "Configure" button.

Project Selection

Choose the project to sync epics, user stories, tasks and iterations from Project Insight. If your global setting syncs bugs as issues, those will sync too.

Hit "Sync from Team Services" to shoot to the task list and get started managing.

Your Populated PI Project

Now that your project is populated, you can get the following information from your team members automatically as they use Team Services for their work:

  • The integration creates your epics, features, user stories, and tasks - after your first sync, all updates are automatic
  • Team Services' tasks, user stories, features, and epics become PI Tasks and Summary Tasks (along WBS)
  • Team Services' bugs can become PI Issues, if you select the option
  • Don't duplicate Project Insight Sprints - We'll pull Iterations from Team Services, and you'll add the dates for scheduling purposes
  • If you want to view comments from your resources Team Services work - ask your team to add comments on to their Team Services's tasks
  • You'll see Time Entries on Project Insight tasks if your team members add hours completed to their Team Service's tasks
  • If you value task progress in Project Insight, require the team to use hours remaining in Team Services to calculate percent complete
  • Demonstrate PI project progress as Team Members mark tasks and bugs as Closed in Team Services

Please note: Scrum projects in Visual Studio Team Services do not use any time features. Therefore you cannot send time information up to Project Insight from Scrum projects. You will see time information in Project Insight when your team members enter that information in Visual Studio Team Services' Agile and CMMI project types.

To Troubleshoot your Integration

You can revisit the PI Integration Configuration page anytime you want to test the connection between Project Insight and Visual Studio Team Services.

Two button options are:

Sync from Team Services

As your team makes updates, those updates will reflect in PI automatically. However, if you find something isn't syncing correctly, try a bulk import of Team Services changes. This button will move over all Visual Studio Team Services Work information into your Project Insight Project.

Update Team Service Hooks

You will use this button any time the bulk update does not work. It could be the Team Services Hooks need refreshing. If this does not solve your syncing challenges, you may need to jump into Team Services for additional troubleshooting of their Service Hooks. 

Project execution and close-out

As your team provides you updates through the PI Integration for Visual Studio Team Services, you can run your portfolio reports for project status and project health. You can make business decisions based on the feedback the development team is sending up the chain to you. It's one fewer excuse, so you don't need to chase down updates or not have visibility into project progress.

Online 2/8/2017