PI Integration for Azure DevOps | Team Member Guide

Automatically send Azure DevOps Tasks and Bugs

The PI® Integration for Azure DevOps automatically sends epics, features, tasks, and bugs to the synced Project Insight project, so your job is easy. Do your work in Azure DevOps and your project manager will always know your latest status. You've got better things to do than provide updates via email or via cubicle visits. Update Azure DevOps, and PI will do the rest.

team member guide

Items to Update in Azure DevOps

  • Create epics, features, user stories, tasks, and bugs and PI will grab them with one sync
  • Build iterations based on your sprint time frames - those move to PI too
  • Update your hours completed as you work to update the time you have spent on the task
  • Update your hours remaining to calculate percent complete for your PM
  • Mark tasks as Closed to show you've finished the work

That's it! It's the work you are already doing in Azure DevOps, but your project manager now no longer has to ask you for updates. They'll know where your projects are in real time.

Online 2/8/2017