Managing Project Budgets for Professional Services


Project Insight users, Project managers, invoice managers and executives


Project teams with client-facing projects need additional financial data. Project Insight offers not only planned versus the actual, but also allows you to track what was proposed to the client, what is billable and, if you choose, what was invoiced. Project managers, project schedulers and financial resources will learn how to utilize these powerful financial features for increased project and organizational profitability.


  • Understand the purpose of the additional financial columns offered
  • Learn how to become more profitable as an organization

Key Points

  • Adding a Professional Services Project
  • Explore Financial Summary
  • Rates and Contracts
  • Create a Quick Selection
  • Learn about Work Billable Total vs. Target Billable Total
  • Incremental Billing - the Proposal
  • How to add actuals and about freeze panes
  • Set up Milestone Billing
  • Understand Project Level Budget Data
  • Run advanced recovery and profitability reports

Online 11/9/2017
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