Managing the Project Plan v. Actuals


Project creators, project managers, project schedulers, executive sponsors


Understanding how your forecasted project compares to what actually happened is important for organizational learning. This training is designed for project managers and financial project team members. Learn how to set up project budgets, compare the planned budget to actuals and use real-time budget information to map out anticipated costs in the future.


  • Understand the rate flow so you can choose the best methodology for your team
  • Identify when your project is in dander of going over budget
  • Analyze your portfolio using customized financial reports

Key Points

  • Manage a top down target budget
  • Understand the rate flow
  • Build a bottom up budget
  • Learn the importance of bottom up budget prior to any time entry
  • Account for fixed or hard costs
  • Track the project plan versus actual
  • View the project budget and performance reports
  • Report on portfolio financials

Online 8/11/2017
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