Slack in the Project Workplace


Project creators, project managers, project schedulers, executive sponsors


Is your team looking for a more efficient way to communicate and collaborate on projects? We have the answer you've been looking for, Slack! Check out how to improve company culture through Slack with easy user adoption tips and a free trial of our brand new social project management software. Join us to learn more about PI#team, available FREE with your Slack integration.


  • Innovates team culture and communication
  • Increases team productivity
  • Fosters team transparency

Key Points

  • What’s Slack?
  • How Slack is changing the way teams communicate
  • Why using Slack is an efficient way to boost productivity
  • How PI#team integration for Slack enhances team efficiency


The Simple Way to Manage Projects

Introducing PI#team™ - our FREE social project management software that makes keeping your team on task easier and more engaging than ever! PI#team™ is perfect for everyone from individuals, departments, to mid-size companies. The user-friendly project management platform allows you to centralize projects, increase team productivity, and Work Better Together.™

Work From Anywhere

PI#team™ allows your team to stay connected on tasks from anywhere! Easily sync communication about projects from PI#team to Slack. Our Slack integration includes a dynamic group of virtual project managers called VirtualPM™. The VirtualPM™ uses artificial intelligence to remind and collect status updates from team members, which they can directly provide from their Slack instance.

Do More With PI#team

PI#team™ gives you the flexibility to pay only for the features you need including time tracking, project templates, and simple intelligent scheduling.

The best part? It's FREE! Sign up today!


Our PI#pros are here to help you get started and answer questions you have about Slack, help you and your team with onboarding and give you tips and insights about PI#team. If you would like more information about any of our products, feel free to contact by us phone or email.
Online 9/14/2017
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