As a busy executive, few things are more stressful than not having visibility into your projects. Below are some questions Project Insight has helped many executives answer:

Project Scorecard


You want to see the information you care about the most at a glance and on one page. Project Insight allows you to do just that.

  • Create, save and share multiple dashboards
  • Choose from twelve dashboard layouts
  • View real-time reports, updates and more upon login
  • More on PI Dashboards
Project Scorecard


View all of the projects in your portfolio alongside health indicators to give you a view of what is going on.

  • Health indicators show if a project is behind schedule or over budget
  • Last status comment gives you the project manager's note
  • Use graphical reports to compare planned v actuals
  • View and learn from your baseline history
  • More on Reporting
Create Project from Template


You need a better way to align your projects with the organization's goals and objectives. Scorecard prioritization helps make sure you are working on the most important projects. Scorecard prioritization helps make sure you are working on the most important projects.

  • Provide a way to assess project priority across the organization
  • Rank and weigh projects based on your goals and objectives
  • Customize your company's scorecard
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Intelligent scheduling, gantt chart view


Find out in real-time if a project is likely to go over budget or is already over budget. Keep track of project costs and maximize your profits.

  • Know at a glance if the project is on time and within budget
  • View health indicators for a quick summary of project budgets
  • Report at the portfolio level and roll up by organization, department, sponsor and more
  • More on Project Budgeting
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Turn project work into Project Insight

90% of the project teams we talk to use Excel, MS Project desktop, white boards and sticky notes to manage projects. Now, there’s a better way! Centralize your projects to gain insight into your portfolio and resources.