Work Management Software

Work Management Software

Automate Your Work. Unify Your Data. Make Your Life Easier.

Automate Your Work

Project Insight (PI®) is leading work management software making your life easier. PI connects your enterprise and maximizes work efficiencies by leveraging automation and data aggregation.

Work Management Software - Project Insight
Work Where You're At

Unify Your Data

With dozens of apps on the market using different methodologies to keep track of work, it's impossible for organizations to force their teams into a singular, monolithic system.

PI aggregates data from key applications like Jira, Zendesk, DevOps, QuickBooks and other high-productivity tools to provide stakeholders and project managers with real-time insights across their organization.

Make Your Life Easier

PI is your work management hub turning mixed methodologies into true dollars and sense.

By automatically aggregating your work directly into one, consolidated platform, PI sets your company up for enterprise-wide success.

Make Your Life Easier
The Future of Work
The Future of Work
Project Insight is transforming the way work is managed as the only work management software in the industry designed to grow with your team.
From project management to full-service consulting, PI is your partner in success at every stage of business.
Maximize Productivity with PI®
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