Project Insight - 100% Made in the USA

We are proud that our software development team is stateside. While we recognize that the international economy is a global one, we feel it is important to hire and work with team members here in North America. We do not offshore or outsource our development or technical support. Our friendly training and support team is known for its outstanding, responsive and personal customer service.

What's more, you can be assured that our software is created by highly educated software developers, each with over ten years of experience with our solution. That results in a high quality product that is extremely usable, navigable, and adoptable.

"The web native nature of the product makes it easy to include client project team members in our projects for better collaboration. We found the product easy to set up and learn and fast and easy to access with a variety of compatible browsers"

- Professional Services Company

"I love this software! Truly a "killer app" that will change the way that we work."

- Non-profit Company

We Listen

We gather product feature suggestions directly from our customers. We even have a form inside of Project Insight to gather new ideas from our client base. We gather those ideas and incorporate them into new product releases. For example, we added over 200 feature suggestions into our last major upgrade that were directly from Project Insight customers.

"I wish all the vendors we worked with would listen to us like Project Insight does....I'm pleasantly surprised and impressed that you've added a feature I suggested."

- Software Company