Top Notch Professional Services Team

While we have a great product, we know that at times, our customers may want to extend the software or integrate it with other enterprise solutions. We go the extra mile with our professional services team, so you can get the project management solution to fit 100% to your needs.

"Accolades all the way around…Project Insight is very easy to work with and willing to discuss minor changes in the software. I've been in IT for 17 years and, believe me, that's rare. Getting a manufacturer to take the time to integrate their product with another is rare. It's something you just don't get with most other companies."
- Environmental Company

"We have used Project Insight for several years now in concert with MAS500 and have found it to be invaluable in managing large implementation projects. We feel that it helps differentiate us from our competitors with a mature feature set."

- Implementation Company