“Dear Angela, what’s your definition of a good project manager? I am not PMP certified, but have been a project manager for the past 10 years. I want to explore other career opportunities in the field, but I’m afraid to be rejected because of the lack of a PMP certificate. What should I do?"

Wow, what a great question to start off my new blog! I think most project managers have asked themselves these same questions at some point in their career.

First, a good project manager consistently does two things very well:

1. Leads and directs a team of resources to a common goal.

If I’m able to talk to the resources working with a certain PM and they respect and want to continue working with that PM, then they are doing a good job. Do the people you work with want to write recommendations for you?

2. Delivers quality projects.

We all hear “on time and on budget” but honestly, it’s more about delivering a project that produces a client that will give you a good reference. Every project comes with time delays and budget concerns. A good PM works through those things with professionalism and expert communication skills. Do your clients come back over and over for more work?

Second, the PMP certification; is it important, yes. Do you have to get one to advance in the field? No. I think the certification should be considered a tool that you could have in your toolbox. It’s recognized and respected, however, it doesn't substitute for real experience. It’s kind of like having an advanced degree. If you have only the degree it’s value is minimal. Once you have both experience and degree then there is no doubt you have an edge up on others that do not. If you’re willing to be persistent about applying for work then you’ll find plenty of job postings that don’t require the PMP.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Angela PM is the executive leader of Project Insight’s latest project management platform, PI#team. She is a natural born leader and of course, Project Management is her passion. Angela is a Project Management Consultant with over 15 years of experience managing complex website projects. She has worked her tail off to become the best professional in her industry. Many in her field respect, admire and even fear the amount of dedication and detail she puts into her work. Her expertise, coupled with her positive and straight-forward attitude make her the perfect person to get industry insight from.

Online 8/21/2017
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