Update as of 1:57pm PDT

As a follow up to our earlier Status message, we wanted to provide a little more detail during today's brief outage with Project Insight® (PI):

  • At 5:44 AM PDT, the datacenter lost connection with PI systems
  • PI's internal notification systems alerted PI staff - we opened a ticket with the datacenter within minutes of the outage
  • The datacenter began troubleshooting, and offered little information during its investigation
  • While the datacenter worked to discover/fix the problem, PI did its normal troubleshooting & diagnostics - there were no issues with PI systems or software
  • After an hour, the datacenter disclosed it had lost upstream connectivity with PI's servers and was working to restore PI to a redundant circuit
  • No data loss or system compromises occured with PI servers during this connection loss
  • Systems were back online at 8:50 AM PDT

As with all downtime, PI is committed to immediate system restoration and resolution.


Update provided as of 8:53am PDT

Due to the downtime affecting our website as well as the PI application, we provided updates via our Help Center article.

Level 3, our Data Center provider, is experiencing an upstream issue which is affecting customers of the Data Center and is causing users of Project Insight to be unable to access their Project Insight instances.

With an outage like this all of your data is safe. There is a connectivity issue at Level 3, our data center provider. We are working with Level 3 to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Online 10/23/2017
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