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Improve your business process and client relationships with our consulting services. Our PI#pros work with your organization to develop a customized plan for success. From building team communcation to rapid on-boarding for our enterprise platform, our experts work to initiate integral growth for your business.

What We Offer
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communications-icon.svg PI#communications
  • + Develop an internal communication plan around keeping everyone updated
  • + Determine the business rules around what/when to use the communication platform
  • + Decide which platform to use (Slack or Teams)
  • + Set up & implement the platform
  • + Train users
analytics-icon.svg PI#analytics
  • + Interview info consumers for needs
  • + Determine method of getting data
  • + Develop process for getting data
  • + Install & configure the application
  • + Set up data models(s) in tool
  • + Set up dashboard(s) in tool
  • + Document processes & data models
  • + Train customer to update & use tool
integrations-icon.svg PI#integrations
  • + Determine business requirements of the engagement
  • + Develop user stories for testing outcomes
  • + Develop specifications for the integration
  • + Develop the integration
  • + Test the integration
  • + Train the customer
  • + Deploy the integration
businessprocess-icon.svg PI#businessprocessconsulting
  • + Determine needs and outcomes of the engagement
  • + Interview involved parties to determine current processes
  • + Identify opportunities for process change improvements & automation
  • + Document finding
  • + Train staff on new processes
  • + Assist in the installation, setup & training of any automations
training-icon.svg PI#training
  • + Rapid Remp-Up
  • + Quickstart Guides
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