PI ® Integration for JIRA

Instantly connect your developers' work in JIRA and your project managers' plans in Project Insight

Benefits of PI Integration for JIRA

You already use Project Insight to manage your project plans and portfolio reporting, but your engineering and dev teams use JIRA. This integration bidirectionally populates Project Insight plans with JIRA tasks and issues for instant visibility, robust reports, and easy hourly billing.

Roll-up multiple JIRA instances into one platform

Whether you manage a team with one instance or many instances of JIRA, you can integrate your organization's Project Insight with any development team's JIRA. Never do duplicate entry again!

Your Devs do what they do best in JIRA

For your teams who know and love JIRA. Why make them switch for PM features like Resource Allocation, budgeting and invoicing features, and Portfolio reporting?

Your P.M. team gets oodles of project data into PI

Project Managers get project health data, resource workload visibility, and real-time statuses. Accounting gets invoice records for easy-to-invoice billable time. Leadership sees real-time reports in hundreds of ways.

Integration Features

  • Link Project Insight projects with JIRA projects
  • Send your new JIRA projects up to PI and send any new PI project plans down into JIRA
  • Automatically populate new PI tasks into JIRA for completion
  • Automatically populate PI tasks with JIRA Issues and Sprints for status updates
  • Those performing the work can send status updates to PMs by updating their JIRA Issues
  • All resources involved can comment back and forth and share files while remaining in their solution of choice!
  • Time Entries from JIRA move to PI for easy reporting and billing
  • For those who want a little more control, you can choose to NOT automatically send tasks and issues

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