Document Management in Project Management Software

  • Centralize project documents, files and communication
  • Version control and check in/out
  • Workflows and approvals on files or other items

Document Management

Most project teams start looking for a project management software solution because they find that they need to improve communication and collaboration. A web-based or online project software application is a natural fit for this need. A lot of teams complain about the time they waste sending out emails to share project communication and assets. Web software reduces the time wasted on these activities.

Project Insight allows teams to post communication and files of any type directly to a task, project, folder or even the system level. Teams can organize their project documents repository with a folder structure they define.

Teams can post folders, files of any type, discussion threads, newsletters, HTML, stream audio or video to the site. Links to other places on the Internet or network can be posted as well. So, if you have a location on your network with documents organized there, you can simply point to that place from within Project Insight.

Project Insight tracks who posted the document, what date and time, as well as who last modified the document. The Administrator can define what level of tracking information s/he wishes to display.

There is an optional check-in/check-out feature which keeps a file from being edited by two individuals at the same time.

Project Insight offers file version control. The system automatically numbers the versions and tracks who last modified the file and when. There is no limit to the number of versions that can be stored.

More information on the document management features in Project Insight.

Workflows and Approvals

If the file requires approval by one or more team members, then a routing and approval process may be set up. Notifications let the next person in the approval chain know whne it is his turn to check the document.

More information on the workflow and approvals features in Project Insight.