SQL Server for Installed Project Management Software

If you decide to invest in an installed or on premise portfolio and project management solution, and need to either purchase a new SQL Server license or upgrade your existing SQL Server License, then Project Insight can help. As a Microsoft Partner, Project Insight, web-based project management software, offers you discounted SQL Server prices.

SQL Server 2008 Standard

1 Processor Runtime License

This SQL Server License may be purchased upon the initial sale of Project Insight, project management software, or as an upgrade to any Project Insight installed license.

  • Microsoft SQL Server licensing includes the use of any single CPU socket as a single processor for licensing purposes (i.e. a single dual-core CPU is considered a single processor).
  • The license of SQL Server 2008 may only be used in conjunction with the Project Insight application.
  • The license complies with the Microsoft licensing requirements for web-based applications to use processor licensing for SQL Server as opposed to CALs.

Contact a Project Insight specialist for discounted pricing information.