QAIassist Integrated IT Methodology® Samples

If your organization needs to increase its project management efficiency, to better define its processes, and to implement standardized forms and templates, we invite you to download one or more QAIassist Integrated IT Methodology® sample deliverables. These sample deliverable forms are only a part of our methodology training and consulting offerings. The samples will provide you with examples of standardized forms that you may incorporate into your project framework.

The sample deliverables are fictitious examples that have been prepared for educational purposes only. They are intended to provide a better understanding of how the deliverables could be applied to your environment. Selected samples are offered free of charge, simply fill out the request form and we'll deliver the samples to you via email.

Lifecycle Phase Deliverable
Project ManagementInitiateProject Charter
PlanProject Plan
Project Schedule (WBS)
Project Roles & Responsibilities
Project Deliverables
Configuration Management Plan
Quality Assurance Plan
Project Procedures
Execute & ControlProject Risks
Project Risk Log
Project Issue
Project Issue Log
Project Change Request
Project Change Request Log
Project Status Report
Team Status Report
Unit Test Authorization
System Integration Test Authorization
User Acceptance Test Authorization
CloseoutProject Closeout Report
Software DevelopmentSystem AnalysisBusiness Case
Detailed Business Requirements
High Level Solution Design
Requirements Traceability Log
DesignDetailed Solution Design
Programming Specification
User Training & Support Plan
TestUnit Test Evaluation Criteria
Software TestingSystem AnalysisTesting Strategy
User Acceptance Test Plan
User Acceptance Test Evaluation Criteria
DesignSystem Integration Test Plan
System Integration Test Evaluation Criteria
BuildUnit Test Plan
Unit Test Evaluation Criteria
Unit Test Defect Log
Unit Test Authorization
TestSystem Integration Test Defect Log
System Integration Test Authorization
ReleaseUser Acceptance Test Defect Log
User Acceptance Test Authorization

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