IT Project Management

The information technology (IT) department is a mission critical part of any organization. Many of our IT customers have more project demand than they have resources to manage the work. There seems to be a never ending stream of projects that the team is asked to perform. Executives want their pet projects to be inserted into the already impacted schedule, yet executive management does not understand why the team cannot take on more projects. The IT project team has many project and portfolio management challenges.

IT Project Management Challenges

  • Prioritizing projects
  • Understanding resource demand
  • Standardizing project processes
  • Knowing when a project is going over budget or behind schedule
  • Viewing the entire portfolio in real-time

Learn About How IT Project Teams Have Succeeded with Project Insight

Project Insight, portfolio and project management software, helps IT teams by:

  • Centralizing all projects in the portfolio
  • Providing a customizable scorecard to weigh portfolio priorities against goals
  • Allowing resource managers to view and anticipate resource demand
  • Giving project and resource managers the ability to balance resources' workloads in advance
  • Tracking project budgets in real-time to avert problems ahead of time
  • Understanding the entire portfolio