Non-Profit Project Management

Non-profit organizations are faced with numerous challenges. Slim budgets, persnickety board members, volunteer staff that want to help, but may not have complete skill sets are just a few. Non-profit project teams need to be selective about the projects they choose to embark upon, yet still need to be organized.

Non-Profit Project Management Challenges

  • Choosing which projects to perform among many project ideas
  • Providing volunteers with enough guidance on how to perform a task
  • Allowing any project resources outside the organization to access projects and tasks
  • Giving executives and board members views into active projects in the portfolio

Learn About How Non-Profit Project Teams Have Succeeded with Project Insight

Project Insight, portfolio and project management software, helps non-profit organizations by:

  • Centralizing all projects in one place
  • Allowing management to evaluate and rank projects by scorecard
  • Providing views into internal team resources as well as volunteer team members
  • Giving all project team members access to projects, tasks, documents in a secure way
  • Providing executives and board members with oversight into all projects in the portfolio