Project Management for Healthcare Systems

Community Catholic Health System

"We now see that a lot of our projects have a clear start date and end date, as compared to going on and on like they have in the past."
- Manager of Information Technology Project Office

Main Challenges

One Information Technology (IT) Project Office provides support for all 40 health system locations. Prior to implementing Project Insight, the IT Project Office relied on updating Excel spreadsheets. When the current IT manager was hired, he transferred all project information into one official database. However, the database was not web based and information was not available in real-time. The IT manager wanted to improve the process by providing the project team with the ability to balance their workloads and to view all project documents in one centralized project system. He was looking for a way to smoothly manage all strategic projects for the organization from an IT point of view.

  • Lacked visibility to manage all strategic projects throughout the entire health system
  • Required a central location to store project documents and other assets
  • No effective way to manage resource workloads for historical and future planning

One of this customer's major strategic projects is the transferring of all patient information into electronic health records (EHR). The organization was in need of a sophisticated yet easy to use project management software. The search for such a system was narrowed down to five solutions. In the end, they chose Project Insight.

Why Project Insight

The health system's IT Project Office needed a project management solution that could:

  • Give project and IT coordinators visibility into all projects across the system
  • Create, store and organize documents and other project assets in a central location
  • Effectively manage the resources' workloads to help improve future processes
  • Produce customized reports for the several teams within the organization

With Project Insight, this customer found a project solution that is "feature enriched and did everything Microsoft Project could do and more at a fraction of the price," according to the IT Manager. "Another big plus is the ability to store all project documents and assets in the same system that can also run reports on how resource time was allocated. A Microsoft Project implementation required a future integration with SharePoint, which would cost thousands of dollars more." One Project Insight feature that the team found to be very useful was resource allocation, which helps project managers to track what resources are working on and the actual amount of effort being exerted. The historical data and resource allocation reporting is important when it comes to improving the planning for future projects. Another benefit is being able to create a high level folder structure in a location where everyone can login and see the status of the projects.

The Results

  • Visibility across projects for all 40+ locations
  • Centralized location for all project information and assets
  • Powerful resource allocation capability
  • Easy to access dashboard reports for executive management

The IT Manager created a number of resource allocation reports that can be used across the IT department. The reports are specific to departmental teams such as clinical or communications teams. With this data, they have created a project scorecard that determines if they are hitting their milestones. Now they are striving to assess resource allocation and note what resources are being used for historical and future purposes. The manager created a basic project template that can be modified for new construction projects. The organization is also able to store documents with the projects, in one location, where everyone can see them. With the help of Project Insight, project issues are addressed much earlier, or before a major event, improving the project completion process for this health system. What's more, the IT Manager created a dashboard report to show executive management the entire portfolio of current projects, resource assignments, and any available resources. The ease of logging into Project Insight and access to those dashboard reports in real-time help the executive management to witness the benefit of using project management software on a daily basis.