Project Management for Product Development

Successful product development teams know that there are more new, innovative product ideas than can ever be implemented. You need a way to measure, weigh and prioritize these project ideas. Many project and portfolio challenges face the growing, expanding manufacturers and product developers.

Challenges for Product Development Project Teams

  • Understanding all of the potential opportunities for product expansion
  • Measuring and prioritizing the portfolio of project ideas
  • Accurately resourcing active projects
  • Forecasting resource availability for future and new products
  • Collaborating on ISO 9000 documents and other project files globally
  • Securing new product and project ideas with permissions
  • Reporting up to management the progress of all projects

Learn About How Product Development Teams Have Succeeded with Project Insight

Project Insight Solves these Challenges by:

  • Providing centralized project and portfolio management
  • Allowing the team to assess all product opportunities with a goal-based scorecard
  • Prioritizing projects for maximum resource efficiency
  • Giving global project team members access to mission critical product designs and files
  • Assuring that access to the intellectual property is given to appropriate project team members
  • Providing executive management with real-time views of the entire portfolio