Building the Business - End Game Strategy

Who Should Attend:
These webinars are intended for project sponsors, function/business unit managers, portfolio managers, program/project managers, project team members, auditors, and other business stakeholders.

Business Objectives:
• Build a sustainable infrastructure of assets and leadership to improve performance
• Identify and create your company’s path to “perfection”
• Learn methods, tools and standards to sustain your vision

Are you really satisfied with how your business operates? Do you know what your End Game is and how the final moments of your Super Bowl will be played? Since Plan A and B didn’t work, do you wonder if the problem will be solved at Plan Z?

Building the Business is about the general basis, goal and reason of establishing a company and not specifically about marketing, PR, SEO or other areas. It’s about building sound sustainable infrastructure of assets and leadership for improved performance and profit while building the organization’s vision and continuously clarifying the mission. The business must identify and create the path to the “perfection” of the organization while enlisting the entire organization in the quest. Learn methods, tools, standards and processes that will ensure you can sustain your vision to your End Game.

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Online 11/26/2012
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