How Do Give a User Access to Project Reports without seeing Financials?

The question often gets asked about allowing someone to run reports on projects without seeing financial data, this article will go into detail on this question.

  1. First items to look at is what System Roles on the user profile allows someone to see Financial Data, therefore someone who shouldn't see financial data, should not have any of these roles.
    • System Administrator - This role doesn't directly give a user ability to see financials but they can edit their profile to add the roles that can.
    • User Manager - This role also doesn't directly give a user the ability to see financials but they can add any system roles to themselves (except System Admin).
    • PMO Manager - Makes a user a Project Manager on all projects they have read access to and the Project Manager project role allows a user to see all financial data on those projects.
    • Time Sheet Approver - See Financial data for time sheets they are approving for users.
    • Time/Expenese/Invoice Manager - Sees all financial data on items they are viewing pertaining to time entries, expense entries and/or Invoices.
    • Project Report Viewer - Also, seen as the Executive system role which allows the user to see all financial data on all projects that they have read permissions.
    • Time/Expense Report View - Sees all financial data pertaining to time and expense entries through reporting.
  2. Second if the user doesn't have any of the roles listed above there also this permission that will allow a user to see financials. Any user that it designated a Project Manager on any specific project will be able to see financial data on those projects. If you wish the user to have Project Manager capabilities we do recommend using the Project Scheduler project role which has the exact same permissions as a Project Manager with the exception of not being able to see financial data, and as stated before they must not have any of the System Roles listed in the part above.

Now that we understand these key roles that give permissions there are a few ways to allow user to view reports on projects.

One option is that you add the user as a resource to every project you wish them to be able to run reports on. If a user has none of the roles list above, then they can only run reports on projects that they are assigned or added to a project as a resource. They don't need to be on any specific task, just a user listed on the project resource page of the project. This gives them the flexibility to filter on what they need without having someone else create and schedule the report for them.

If you have to many projects to add the user to in order to run the reports needed without allowing them to see financial there is the option to create a report that does not include any financial data columns and you can schedule to send the report to the user in excel format or pdf format. The downside to this method is the user can't change the filtering criteria themselves and also, you must be cautious to not include any financial data columns because the report will run as the user who created the report with their permissions and then saves the report which then sends out in Excel or PDF format.

Online 12/7/2017
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