Leadership - 6 Leadership Styles and When You Should Use Them

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What type of leader are you?

There are six emotionally intelligent types of leaders and each style has a distinct effect on the working atmosphere of a company, division, or team.

Are you the leader who...

  • Mobilizes people towards a vision.
  • Develops people for the future.
  • Creates emotional bonds and harmony.
  • Builds consensus through participation.
  • Expects excellence and self-direction.
  • Demands immediate compliance.

Leaders who get the best results don’t rely on just one leadership style – they are able to combine these styles to gain the best outcome. Mastering this process will result in increasing performance and building cohesive teams.

Join Brenda Williams, leadership and communication expert, and Cynthia West, VP of Project Insight, in this interactive workshop that will help you discover your best leadership style and traits to effectively manage and lead your team to success!


  • Name and recognize the value of each leadership style
  • Know when its best to use each style
  • Learn how to move from one style to the next
  • Understand how your business emotional intelligence effects your success

Online 11/2/2016
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