Project Insight Release Notes


Set Default Time Sheet Period to Weekly.

All draggable layers can now be resized.

Unsubmitted Time Report now displays all missing time sheets for the period: Unsubmitted Time Report

Added new interface to enter Allotment Hours by Resource then Project.

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New Help Center - navigation links and content added to application.

Added the email tasks assigned notification back to the user add/edit.

You can now set a default Project Status Value.

Fixed search call to improve performance on page spanning folder views.

Fixed issue with the project resources list view for users who do not have permissions to edit their own profile.

Fixed a bug in the group by which did not separate projects when their names matched.

If a selected Project Template has an empty description it does not overwrite the current description.

Fixed a bug which prevented project schedulers from seeing actual hours on the time entry table of the task display form.

Fixed bug in Tasks, Issues, and To-do reports and lists where freezing he header or splitting the table did not allow you to choose where the split will occur in the table column selector.

Added User, Company, and Task custom fields to the resource allocation report.

Project Sponsor notifications now work on Project Requests.

Chart results now appropriately stack.

Issue Report Date filter defaults to All Dates.

Links can be added to Approval Requests.

To-Do Report now correctly applies multiple date filters.

Fixed a link issue with the custom project schedules.

Fixed JavaScript error preventing mobile version from loading on iOS 9+ versions.

Fixed the bug that added a new company instead of editing in the Company Add/Edit Form.

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Online 5/27/2016
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