Project Insight Release Notes


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Updated Agile Column State to show correct state of the item which should be "Opened" or "Closed".

Added ability to view percent complete to the Cross Project Gantt Chart.

Removed ability to use Dynamic Date Ranges with Gantt Chart. The ability to use Dynamic Date Selections is unsupported by the Gantt Chart due to the differences in how these two systems work. This may be revisited in the future.

New process for downloading files form the File Download Report. More details coming soon.

Fixed display option to save the option "Include Tasks in Projects Marked Template" for Task Reports.

Fixed sorting columns for UserCreated, UserUpdated and UserAssignedTo.

There is now a "Task Predecessor" column on the Task Resource report showing a list of predecessor tasks per Resource's Task.

Resolution History can now by commented on if it has been collapsed.

Adding the Time Sheets Requiring Approval Page to the favorites menu now correctly displays the page's title.

Dashboard Task List status of "done" is now correctly aligned with the other statuses.

Mobile devices now correctly handle the file display page.

Invalid characters are now resolved in image names so that the file preview and file download function correctly.

Fixed bug to detect if file type can be converted into an image if file type is a .ppt or .pptx.

Fixed bug that allowed item Allow Removal to allows To-Do to be added from Dashboard.

Items in Project Insight can now be searched for by their Item Number.

REST API sent HTML error page as response when 404 error occurred. The REST API now responds with the default server, no custom error messages.

Each Item now has the HTML editor as their description input.

Apostrophes are now accounted for when submitting timer.

X to Date options now have the correct end and start date filters.

There is now a column in the Agile Backlog for External Integration links for Tasks and Issues types called 'Link URLs".

Assigned By and Status column order has been switched.

When a new User is created, the UserId of the person who created the new User is saved and available in the administration User Table. Updated by is also saved.

Added support for user/user assignment custom fields with the user import process.

File Custom fields on the File Report now correctly display their values.

Fixed bug that caused the new allotment screen to show mismatched projects for a period type.

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Online 7/27/2016
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