Providing Team Member Updates - 5 Ways to Avoid GIGO

5 Ways to Avoid GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out

Check out the video below for detailed training session.

If you are a Project Insight user being asked to provide task updates but are running into one or more of the challenges below, then this is the session for you.


  • I have trouble getting team members to provide work updates
  • I have a ‘squeaky wheel’ on my team
  • I need to provide real-time reports to executives, but have to nag my team for tasks and project updates


We’re going to show you 5 unique ways that team members can provide updates in PI. Because everyone works differently, we have the most flexible software in the mid-market for team members to work with. Find the method that works best for your team or show them all 5 ways and empower them to choose!


  • Learn 5 easy ways to provide task updates in PI
  • Find the best method for your team
  • Help train and motivate team members

Online 1/13/2017
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