Tutorial III - Executing Projects with IT Methodologies


Project manager, business or operational manager, software developer, software tester, member of a PMO, member of a governance panel, quality assurance team member, or anyone in the IT department


As project requirements are gathered and the associated design evolves, the project team begins to build the necessary functionality. This can be accomplished through utilizing the following methodology deliverables: high level design, detail design, requirements traceability log, programming specification(s), system integration test (SIT) plan(s), system integration test (SIT) evaluation criteria, unit test (UT) plan(s), unit test (UT) evaluation criteria, and training and support plan. Walk away with a better understanding of how to apply these deliverables to your project.


  • Learn how projects are executed based on the authorized plan
  • Recognize that project execution relies on defined project roles and deliverables
  • Understand that project planning is iterative and dependent on project evolution

Online 6/21/2017
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