Tutorial IV - Project Control and Verification


Project manager, business or operational manager, software developer, software tester, member of a PMO, member of a governance panel, quality assurance team member, or anyone in the IT department


As the project team develops the code to meet the authorized requirements, the newly built functionality must be verified to ensure it reflects the authorized requirements and satisfies the business need. This can be accomplished by implementing the following integrated methodology deliverables: project status report, team status report, issue definition, risk definition, change request, unit test defect log(s), system integration test (SIT) defect log(s), user acceptance (UT) defect log, requirements traceability log. Learn how to each deliverable can be beneficial to your project.


  • Learn how projects are executed and monitored
  • Recognize that deviations from the authorized plan must be identified, recorded, prioritized and addressed
  • Understand that deviations from the authorized plan required that re-planning and authorization must occur

Online 8/17/2016
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