Which Roles or Users can see Financial Data?

Which Roles or Users can see Financial Data on a project, task or report?

Any user in the system that is active and is a Project Manager on a project can see financial data on that project including user rates. Hence, the reason for the Project Scheduler role on a project it gives the same abilities to a user on a project as a Project Manager except for the user cannot see financial data. Now this is true for someone that has no system roles except for a Project Resource and Active user.

Now if a resource is not a Project Manager on any project the following system roles can allow the user to see financials if they have the following system roles in their user profile:

  • System Administrator (Does not give the ability to see financial data but since they are system admin they can grant themselves the other roles listed to allow them to see financial data)
  • Project Creator (A user that creates a project is automatically added as a Project Manager to created project, hence allowing them to see financials)
  • PMO Manager (Gives a user Project Manager capabilities on all projects they have Read permissions on)
  • Expense Report Approver (Only expenses)
  • Time Sheet Approver (Can see rates since they approve time sheets)
  • Time/Expense/Invoice Manager (Sees all financial data)
  • Project Report Viewer (Sees all financial data)
  • Time/Expense Report Viewer (Sees all time and expense fields)
  • Project Expense Manager (Sees Expense on Projects they are a Project resource on)

Based on the above if the user does not have a certain role even if you share a finanical report with a user they will not see anything they do not have permissions to view. Please keep in mind scheduling a report to use the Link Reminder (dynamic) option for "Report Output Format" to allow the same permission check before a user sees a report. However if you schedule a report and select any other type of format the shared user(s) will see the report in Excel or PDF (depending on selecting format) with the same permissions as the user creating the scheduled shared report, so do NOT use any other option except for Link Reminder (dynamic) to insure user does not see any sensitive data.

Online 12/22/2016
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