Any project manager will tell you Team Services is not a project management solution. Any developer will tell you they need Visual Studio Team Services to house their code and track their list of assignments. Allow your teams to 'Work Where They're At'. For your developers that work in VSTS, aggregate all their work in PI to better manage project schedules and portfolio reporting.
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Integration Features

All in One Place
Roll-up VSTS work into one solution for easy reports, hourly billing, and instant visibility. PMs get the data they need when developers update their Team Services tasks and user stories.

Dev Codes Best
Developers already know and love VSTS, why make them switch to a different system? Keep developer productivity at eleven while PMs automatically see real-time progress rolled up into PI.

Let's Sync
Automatically populate PI Tasks and Issues with Team Services tasks and bugs for status updates. Those performing the work can send status updates to PMs without ever leaving Team Services.
Click here for more details on PI's Visual Studio Team Services Integration.
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