Support Procedures for On-premises Technical Issues

All user inquiries should be routed through the SLA process of first contacting your organization’s designated support contacts. This can be done through the Project Insight interface, or through alternative means defined within your organization when the interface is unavailable (i.e. the Project Insight software is not operable). It is your organization’s responsibility to ensure that contact email addresses and telephone numbers are available and accessible to all users.

Software application downtime might be detected by a system administrator for your organization prior to any user reporting a problem. Normal procedures for testing the server hardware, software and database operational requirements, network connections, security appliances and any other infrastructure necessary to operate web-based software applications in your environment should be thoroughly investigated prior to contacting Project Insight personnel for assistance. Additional service fees will apply if infrastructure issues are determined to be the cause of a problem following the deployment of Project Insight support personnel into the troubleshooting process for your on-premises implementation.

When contacting support personnel for assistance with on-premises issues, please note the following procedures which can help to provide the most expeditious service and prevent additional service fees.

1. Application Event Viewer errors are logged by default when a user experiences a message in the Project Insight interface stating that an error has been logged. The user experiencing the issue should provide the approximate time of the event so that it is easily located in the Windows Event Viewer. Provide the full content of the corresponding Event to the Project Insight support team.

2. Provide a full explanation of any events leading up to the error and note any unique circumstances under which the error occurs versus similar circumstances in which it does not occur.

3. If Project Insight personnel do not have access to the system or the application interface, be prepared to provide access in an online conference call session. An appointment may be necessary in order to gather the resources necessary to troubleshoot the problem.

4. Ensure that resources necessary to replicate and repair the problem are available when appointments are scheduled with the support personnel. If system infrastructure issues may need to be addresses, this could include a server administrator, database administrator, security administrator, network administrator and the Project Insight user who reported the initial user and may need to access the application front-end to further test and validate solutions.

5. Please keep in mind that support personnel are primarily working with procedures to quickly ascertain problems in a SaaS environment. The tools available in this environment are much more efficient than the processes required for accessing and troubleshooting more traditional software application implementations at remote and most-often inaccessible locations. Please help to keep the costs of supporting remote applications under control by providing the resources necessary to do what we can normally do on-demand ourselves when requesting on-premises support from our team.

Support contact is referenced in the "Contact Us" link of the following page.
Online 9/2/2015
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